Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in San Diego?

Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in San Diego?

Is it Safe to Drink San Diego Tap Water?

Clean drinking water is essential to life, yet in most cases, people don’t really consider the quality of their San Diego tap water. They turn on the tap, wash their veggies, fill a drinking glass, pot of soup, or coffee maker, and assume that the “refreshing” San Diego tap water is safe and contaminant-free. 

But, don’t be fooled by assuming that San Diego water is contaminant-free or good for your health. In fact, the San Diego of was rated on the top-10 worst tap water in the United States.

Federal Standards: Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

Whether you are a long-time resident of San Diego or you have recently moved to the city, you might be wondering about the water quality of your drinking water. Even though San Diego tap water is considered “safe” based on loose regulations established by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), residents often complain about the awful taste; as well as the impact the hardness has on homeowners plumbing. 

The truth is that federal regulations allow measurable levels of harmful contaminants in our drinking water. You may or may not be able to taste it, but every drink you take could be introducing pollutants that add up to mounting medical issues in the future. 

Where Does San Diego Tap Water Come From?

Many of the coastal towns in California, including San Diego, bring in tap water from outside sources. The Colorado River Aqueduct is connected to the State Water Project, which is the water source for cities from San Francisco to San Diego.

This water travels thousands of miles, then goes through several filtration processes to remove heavy particles and smaller particles. During these processes, it is common for cities to add minerals: fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, salt, and more.

Common Contaminants Found In San Diego’s Water

By the time the water makes it to your tap, it likely is contaminated with chemicals that exceed the EPA’s limits, including:

• Trihalomethanes: Found in refrigerants and solvents

• PFOA/PFOS: Chemicals related to Teflon

• Manganese: A poisonous byproduct of industrial manufacturing

These chemicals are just a few of the impurities that might be present in a cup of San Diego water. Testing has shown that San Diego tap water can contain hundreds of toxins, bacteria and contaminants. Problems of safety regulations and underreporting run rampant across the United States, making it hard to know when the water quality is bad or actually safe to drink. 

Protect Your Health, Protect Your Family

Regardless of San Diego’s promises for safe drinking water, it’s up to you to select a water source that is clean and free of harmful impurities. Even if the water source is the most reliable in the city, it is often contaminated due to galvanized steel pipes that leach toxins as the water travels to your home. A water softener designed specifically for San Diego water is something that you should look into.

Children are at the greatest risk to these harmful contaminants in San Diego tap water when toxic exposure happens during the child’s developmental years. Lead can damage the brain and nervous system, herbicide traces can cause hormone disruption, fluoride can cause dental complications, and more. The list of potential medical complications is continuing to expand as researchers find more evidence linked to the dangers of drinking San Diego tap water.

“Cosmetic” filters like Brita, PUR, or built-in filters on the fridge don’t cut it. They aren’t strong enough to handle the level of contaminants in today’s water supply. Bottled water isn’t a reliable answer either, because some of the most popular brands of bottled water have tested positive for a hormone-disrupting pesticide called atrazine.

The Goodfor Company's Water Filter For San Diego Residents

The best solution is for every household in San Diego is to have a proven water filter to improve the taste of the water and avoid medical problems that correlate to drinking San Diego tap water. An in-home filter provides an endless source of refreshing, clean water for your family to enjoy. For more information about the options for safe water for your family, click here to learn more about the quality filtration products offered by our team at The Goodfor Co. Call today to schedule a free water test to check your quality of tap water.


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