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Join our clean water movement

We are so excited to welcome you to the water filter affiliate program. We are so much more than just selling water filtration products; we are about creating a healthier home and life.


Raise the standard of health in every home

Over the past decade, more and more information has been uncovered about the effects of toxins and unwanted chemicals in our everyday environments. At GoodFor, we are dedicated to helping families take back their health by transforming their homes into havens.


Our Community is Everything

Share details about a promotion, welcome customers, describe a product, or talk about your brand.

What we expect from our brand community


Respect the Brand

We ask that our affiliates keep a clean reputation and don't associate with controversial topics that could potentially cause harm or offend.


Participate in Promos

We win if you win. That's why we offer a 10% commission because we want to share in the success. If we are running specific Promos we ask that our affiliates join in for consistency and market outreach.

Consistent Sharing

We have seen the best results when our affiliates keep us top of mind and post or share about us at least once a month. This is not a requirement but is highly encouraged.


Give us Feedback

We value what you and your audience have to say. If there are ways we can improve or feedback you would like to share please do! We want to grow and be the best version of ourselves we can be.


Our affiliates are an integral part of our brand community. We want to align with like-minded people who want to make a real difference in at-home health.


A Mom on a Quest to Eliminate Chemicals

Hi, I’m Jane Emma. A few years ago, when I was pregnant for the first time, I started reading everything about wellness for my baby and family. In new-mom mode, I learned the dangers of toxic water, and I became obsessed with the benefits of keeping my water clean.

The more I learned, the more passionate I got about sharing the truth about home water supplies. From showers to laundry to washing food... the necessity to ensure my water was chemical-free was a no-brainer for my family.

That’s why I started The Goodfor Company — I’m on a mission to help families on their wellness journeys — to provide easy solutions to everyday problems and to be sure no family has to live with dirty water.