Kube Water Filtration Reviews

Kube Water Filtration Reviews

Kube Water Filtration Reviews

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System is a name that’s been generating a buzz when it comes to H2O filtration reviews. It makes many promises and claims to be effective in ensuring that you and your family get safe drinking water all the time.

Are the Kube Water Filtration reviews accurate? Can Kube deliver its promises, or is it all smoke and mirrors? We’ll take an in-depth look at how Kube fares as a filtration system and check to see if you would be getting your money’s worth.

What Makes the Kube Advanced Water Filtration System Good?

  • WQA certification
  • Compact design
  • Ease of installation
  • Bypass knob
  • Filter life indicator
  • Two-year warranty

WQA Certification

Kinetico developed the Kube water filter system. Kube is certified by the Water Quality Association, which means that you would be getting a product that has passed rigorous reviews and testing by industry experts.

The Kube water system promises to remove contaminants from your drinking H2O. It even claims to be able to remove up to 99% of lead from the H2O that comes into your faucet. On top of this, Kube also promises that your filtered H2O will taste and smell better than the tap H2O to which you’re accustomed.

Compact Design and Ease of Installation

The Kube filter system is compact and easily fits under your sink. It measures 13.1 inches high and 6.2 inches wide, so it won’t take up too much space even if you have a small sink. The Kube system is also easy to install–the entire installation process takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Bypass Knob

The Kube water filtration system has a bypass knob that you can use if you need unfiltered H2O. Kube’s filter-life indicator tells you when it needs replacement. Kube’s website indicates that a single filter should last a household of four from six months to one year of normal usage.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

The Kube system comes with a limited two-year warranty, which covers any defect in materials or workmanship.

Cons of the Kube Water Filter System

  • It has only dual-filter carbon filters
  • The brand doesn’t disclose what’s in their “specialty carbon media composite” filters
  • The product doesn’t filter out fluoride

What is the Best Countertop Water Filter System?

The Kube water filter system is effective, but it might not be for everyone. A great alternative that we can highly recommend is the 5-Stage Single-Sink Filter from The Goodfor Company. Let’s dive right in and see why this may be the best countertop filtration system out in the market today.

Why Goodfor Company’s Five-Stage Filter is an Excellent Option

Provides Clean and Safe Water

The Goodfor Company’s 5-stage filter does everything that the Kube can do. It harnesses the filtering power of activated carbon to make sure that you and your family can enjoy fresh and clean H2O all the time.

As its name implies, this water filter from Goodfor features five layers of filtering materials to ensure that your water is free of contaminants. It filters out all 12 identified herbicides. On top of that, it also filters out 14 pesticides and 32 organic contaminants.

Water is one of the most vital resources we have, and we need to make sure that we enjoy its hydrating benefits without risking our health due to pollutants. Contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, but the Goodfor five-stage filter can easily remove them.

You also get fresh-tasting filtered water because this device can even filter out chemicals like chlorine that can change the way that your H2O tastes and smells.

Space-Saving Design

Another good thing about the design of the Goodfor five-stage filter is that it requires almost no space at all. Aside from aesthetics, a good product needs to be functional without being cumbersome, and this is why most reviews take a closer analysis of how products look.

The Goodfor product attaches directly to your faucet. Although the Kube was compact in design, it still took up space under your sink, reducing your already-limited storage space even more.

The Goodfor product is excellent news for those with limited home space. This Goodfor countertop filter lets you use the space under your sink for storing other valuable kitchen items like pots and pans.

No Assembly Required

Upon receiving your Goodfor 5-stage filter, all that you need to do is attach it to your faucet, twist, and lock–and you’ll be good to go. You don’t need to assemble this system to make sure that it works properly. Even young children can install and remove this water filter with its twist and lock system.

In contrast, the Kube system still needs assembling, although it requires minimal time to assemble (15 minutes, according to other reviews). You still need to attach the tubes to your cold-H2O line for it to work. Although it is easy to assemble, you might run into some issues that might prevent the Kube from working correctly.

Leak-Free Design

The Goodfor 5-stage water filter system is leak-free in structure. In contrast, the Kube water system has adaptors that need to match your cold-water supply line. If the adaptors and your H2O supply line don’t fit, you would need to purchase additional fittings for the Kube to work. A simple mistake might result in leaks and even prevent your Kube water filter from working adequately.

Damage-Proof Features

The Goodfor Company has built its system to be damage-proof, while you would need to install your Kube carefully to avoid damaging it. The terms of Kube’s warranty do not cover damages during installation.

Thanks to its one-piece body, the Goodfor 5-stage filter has no moving parts that need replacing, while the Kube product still has several parts prone to damage that might require replacements.

Ease for Carrying

Since the Goodfor product is easy to detach, you can transfer it from one faucet to another as the need arises. You can also bring it with you during family trips to make sure that you have a great water filter without needing to carry a bulky device that takes up luggage space.

Value-for-Money Product

The Goodfor Company’s 5-stage filter is an excellent option if you want to provide your family with clean and safe water without having to shell out a large amount of money.

Goodfor’s pricing provides two filters that you can use on two different faucets for just a quarter of the price of a single Kube water filter. If you need to install filters on two faucets, you’ll need to purchase two Kube water systems at a cost equivalent to 16 Goodfor 5-stage filters!

With the help of the Goodfor 5-stage filter, you’ll have clean, filtered water that costs much less than bottled H2O–and saves on the environmental impact of the disposable plastic bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Clean Water?

Water is an essential resource for all households. Using contaminated H2O in any household activity can result in health issues like gastrointestinal diseases. Unclean H2O can also act as carriers of e-coli and giardia. Skin irritations may also result from using contaminated water.

Chemicals in unfiltered H2O can increase your family’s risk of getting certain cancers like colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer.

Do Water Filters Really Work?

Yes, water filters are effective in giving you safe and clean H2O. Water filters have different filtering materials that help remove harmful materials from your tap water. Although it may look clean, unfiltered tap water still contains microscopic contaminants that can potentially harm you and your family.

However, it’s important to note that no treatment systems or filters guarantee 100% effectiveness in eliminating all the contaminants in H2O.

To make the most of your purchase, you must first determine what you would want to filter. You can find water filters that aren’t designed to filter some contaminants because they don’t use the same technology.

We suggest that you test your water. This way, you can identify the exact contaminants that you need to eliminate from your H2O.

Final Word

Great water filter systems like the Kube and Goodfor Company’s 5-stage filter boast designs to ensure that households will have clean and safe drinking water. They work by using multiple layers of filtering systems to remove contaminants, heavy metals, and microbial that can harm you and your family.

Although some people may look at these products as just an extra expense, there is no price tag to ensuring that your family remains healthy.


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