Quick & Easy Installation
Change Filter Every 3-6 Months
Universal Fit For All Shower Types

Reduces 99.9% of these toxins.

Proof in the Pictures

This is from a real customer when changing their filter. It's crazy what you might find.

"I'm glad I have your filters to keep me and my family safe! Can you believe the ROCKS!" - Lucy

Bathe in the benefits


Soft & Clean Skin

The alkaline layer improves the pH level of water and keeps your skin soft & smooth


Glowing Healthy Hair

Filtering your hard water to soft water will help reduce any unwanted minerals on your scalp that lead to dehydration and irritation


Maintain Water Pressure

All the microparticles, hard water salts, and sediments are collected by the stainless steel mesh present in the filter which helps maintain that water pressure you love


Prevent Bad Odors

The activated carbon layer reduces bad odor and prevents bacteria growth over time


Prevent Limescale Build-up

Reduces the amount of calcium in your water resulting in less cleaning time and a shiny shower


Reduces Chemical Impurities

Reduces the presence of chlorine, water hardness, and heavy metals to optimize your overall health with every drop


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
102 reviews

I ordered the shower water filter for my bathroom. It was so easy to install. When I removed the other shower head - the amount of dirt, soot, and build up almost made me gag!! . I love this product. It makes my hair and skin feel great!

Regan Vansteenis

Verified Customer

I noticed a difference the same day!! We have skin conditions in our family that hard water was making worse and no amount of lotion was giving relief. Now with the goodfor system we all feel a big difference!! I would recommend to everyone!

Kelle Hatcher

Verified Customer

I'm happy to say that I have been using the shower filter system for two weeks now, and I'm very satisfied with the way the water feels different when I shower. I encourage anyone looking for a water system to give them a call you won't regret it!

Dwann B.

Verified Customer

My hair dresser recommended a filter-my blonde was turning brassy -since I got the filter I have been very pleased and the color. It hasn’t been brassy again -also use the purple shampoo once a week!

Jessica Randell

Verified Customer

I’ve had a hell of a time with hard water ruining my shower heads and gunking up my tile. So I bought this in the hope that it would at the very least slow down the process, and so far it’s working great. Been a month or so and it seems to be doing its job

Kassandra Nelson

Verified Customer

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