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My partner is allergic to all dogs - their dander, fur, and saliva all set him off - For the first week with this air purifier, my partner has had zero issues with his allergies at night since it arrived!

John Edmonson

Verified Customer

Well I just ordered my third one so I guess I will leave a review! I bought one for my daughter because of her seasonal allergies. Works like a charm!

Lauren Keeman

Verified Customer

This is the first air purifier I've ever owned and I'm so happy with it. I bought this purifier because my neighbors smoke and it seeps into my apartment making everything reek! This machine worked instantly to solve the odor problem!

Hunter Johnston

Verified Customer

Perfect size not too big and not too small. It works great! I could tell the dif in air quality almost immediately!
I bought 2. One for the master bedroom and one for the living room area.

Dianna Greene

Verified Customer

I call this thing the Dust Eater! I don’t have AC meaning my windows are always open which leads to all surfaces getting covered in dust that accumulates over time! This thing eliminates that problem !! Best money I spent this year!

Dwayne James

Verified Customer


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