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The Hydronex C is a world-class whole home water softener and filtration system that has set a new standard for excellence, harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled water quality throughout your entire home.

Key System Highlights:

  • All-in-One Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of both whole home filtration and softening packed into a single tank, streamlining your water treatment process.
  • Generous Capacity: With an impressive 2 million gallon capacity, equivalent to approximately 25 years of service without needing maintenance, you can trust in long-lasting, hassle-free performance.
  • Top-Tier Certifications: the Hydronex C, stands tall with top-tier certifications earned through rigorous testing. It has clinched the prestigious WQA Gold certification, proving its prowess in eliminating up to 4ppm of both chlorine and chloramine. In a field where leading brands fall short, handling only up to 1.5ppm of chlorine, our system emerges as the undisputed champion in contaminant removal.

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How It Works

The Hydronex Chlorastatic Whole Home Filter and Softener utilizes a sophisticated dual-action process to ensure your water is softened and impeccably filtered.

As water flows through our system, it encounters our cutting-edge softening technology, which effectively removes hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause scale buildup and damage appliances.

Then, the Chlorastatic filtration system takes over, utilizing a unique blend of advanced filtration media to trap and eliminate 2.5x more impurities, including chlorine, chloramine, sediment, and organic contaminants, leaving your water soft, safe and crystal clear.

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